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Top 4 Pro Tips for Hardwood Floor Cleaning

hardwood floor cleaning

A vast majority of the people believes that hardwood floor cleaning is a daunting task. However, if the right technique is followed it’s nothing short of a cake walk. All one needs is the right technique.

There is no denying the fact that hardwood floors are classy and involves a lot of investment. And no one would like dirt and dust hamper that investment. Unlike carpet, hardwood flooring can’t hide dust particles and so it requires regular maintenance.

Here are some pro tips for real wood floor cleaning:

a) Sweep Daily – Regular dusting with a mop or dry cloth is certainly the best defence against dirt. A broom can also be a great option. Few debates whether regular dusting is required or not but it is absolutely necessary if there is a pet in one’s house. This is because pet hairs are another common obstacle that hampers the appearance of floors.

b) Vacuum Weekly - One cannot afford dust particles to settle in. Besides causing health havoc, dust particles wear down the floor finish. In order to protect the appearance, it is advised to vacuum the floor at least once a week. Avoid rotating brushes so that there are no scratches.

c) Use Rugs to Protect Busy Floors - Installing hardwood floors in the office room or guest room can be a very good idea. But high-traffic can wear down the floor finish. A great way to combat that is to use rugs. Using vinyl rugs can be the best option as it can trap humidity and keep the floor free from moisture.

d) Remove Stains – Dark spot and stains can play spoilsport to the aesthetic appeal and so it is best to keep them away. Apply vinegar and let it soak in the floor for an hour. And then rinse it with a piece of wet cloth. One can also use dish detergent to remove oily stains and then let the spot dry.

Cleaning real wood flooring is not a difficult task but it needs to be done at a regular interval. Maintenance can be an issue at times and it becomes more challenging during the monsoon months. Hard wood floors do not have a good relationship with moisture. And it is so advised to keep the floors dry and away from water. This is a big reason why hard wood floors are generally not used in places like the kitchen and bathroom.

In order to keep the floors healthy and clean, it is advised to consult a professional. Hardwood floors can last a lifetime if it is maintained properly. If you have any questions about hard floors, feel free to reach out to us.

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Peace out!

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