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How to Deal with Squeaky Hardwood Floor?

Hardwood Flooring Repair

Remember, when your plan for a late night date with Netflix and pizza got squandered due to the noise of a squeaky hardwood floor that kept your parents awake? Squeaks in the hardwood floor are not rare. Unfortunately, they are aggravating as well.

Be it YouTube videos or flooring companies in Ontario, Ottawa or maybe blogs like these – all you need is an instant fix.

It is very important to understand the real reason for the squeak before fixing it. Squeaks in hardwood flooring are generally caused by loose floorboards. The squeaking noise is caused by the friction caused by loose floorboards when they crash against each other or rub against the subfloor.

Let’s dig in. Here are some cool tips that will help you to fix annoyance. I mean squeaky hardwood flooring, here.

a) We have already discussed that loose floorboards are the main reason behind the squeaky sound. So, the first step would be to identify the loose floorboards. Loose floorboards can be easily felt beneath your feet.

b) Once you identify the loose floorboard, you can simply re-nail it.

c) However, the main problem arises if the floorboard is damage. Under these circumstances, you need to remove the nails using pincers and remove the board from the floor using a claw hammer.

d) You need to replace the damaged with a new set. Get a new floorboard and place it on the floor after drilling holes on the edges.

e) Carefully place the screws on the holes. When you are dealing with the screw, ensure that the screw head goes a bit lower than the surface.

f) Walk over it and check whether you still hear a squeak. If it still happens, you use a piece of cotton as a cushion to stop the annoying noise and the wait for the experts to arrive.

Sounds simple?

Yes, you might wonder that if things are so simple then why people rely on professionals.

Well, we know the names of common antibiotic which can cause the common cold, yet we tend to consult a doctor. Why? Because we don’t want it to come back.

Similarly, the flooring companies in Ottawa are equipped with professionals who provide a one-stop and permanent solution to your flooring problems.

Watch your favorite TV series in peace now.

If you want to talk about flooring installation or TV series, let us know.

Our team fixes and know things!


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